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Advantages of Lithium Batteries for Motorcycles

  • Less volume and weight - 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery
  • No pollution - does not contain any acid and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hydrargyrum (mercury)
  • No spill - no acid inside, no leak problems
  • Super cranking power - cranking current greater than 40C (lead-acid battery 10C)
  • Quick recharge with big current - rechargeable with 10C current and 90% recharged within 6 minutes
  • Excellent cycle life - more than 2000 cycles under JISD standard (lead-acid battery only 150-300 cycles)
  • Longer shelf life - more than one year
    (lead-acid battery 6 months)
  • Superb performance - still performs at high temperatures of 60-80C
  • Save energy - stable discharge voltage and lower internal resistance
  • Highly safe - nonexplosive and noncombustible

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries