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Yamaha R1 Turns 20

Is it really twenty years since Yamaha launched the original R1? Where does the time go?

It feels like only yesterday that we saw our first R1 sat pride of place in the window of our local Yamaha dealer.

It was only available in two colour options, that gorgeous deep blue and the iconic red and white paint scheme. It was always the red and white version that edged it for us.

The R1 was the last great litre sports bike of the last century, it’s place in our hearts and memories mean prices for any 4XV models that remain are only going one way.

It wasn’t without its faults, early bikes suffered with some gearbox issues, otherwise it was all good. The R1 lives on in the Yamaha range, the current R1M is the pinnacle of two decades tinkering by Yamaha, it’s still giving the other 1000cc sporty offerings a hard time.

We’d love to stick a Yamaha R1 in our Mad4Bikes shed, we’re forever dreaming on eBay, maybe the 20th anniversary is the incentive we need to dig deep and buy one?

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