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Sick ZX6-R Ninja In Da Shed

It was one of the best sports 600s in its day, now it’s largely overlooked by those wanting a sporty middleweight, but we’ve still got a huge soft spot for the Kawasaki ZX6-R G model.

The original F model came and went pretty quickly, but when Kawasaki took their second bite of the ZX6-R cherry they created a right blinder. It looked sharp, and even had ram air fitted, it sounds posher than it actually was. Basically it was a couple of tubes of plastic that stuck air inside the air box, it did have another thrill, that was the induction roar it created. It’s pretty big for just a 600, many of the body work panels were identical to its big brother, the ZX9-R C.

Twenty odd years later and there’s still plenty of these ‘Ninja’ models doing the rounds, this one just rolled up at the Mad4Bikes shed. We keep toying with the idea of a winter project, this might be it? It’s well tidy and there’s no signs of any crash damage, other than a scratch on the tank it’s pretty mint in the bodywork stakes.

There is a large blue bottle in the ointment though, it’s got a poorly engine, well to me more precise it’s got a sick gearbox. All of the gears are there, it just takes a lot of effort to find them.

Being a popular model there’s no shortage of used parts out there propping up shelves at either bike breakers or in people’s sheds, with the help of the internet it’s easy enough to find a replacement engine, which would be much less aggro than stripping and repairing this troublesome motor.

The bike warrants repairing, it’s in good order and there’s even a few nice touches like a carbon rear hugger and a tinted screen. We’ll do our sums, add it all up and see if it’s a cost effective path to tread.

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