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Kawasaki ZX6G for the Mad4Bikes Shed

One lump, or two?

Having purchased a cheap Kawasaki ZX6G for the Mad4Bikes Shed, we now need a plan for it.

The bike came our way with a suspected knackered gearbox, the last owner was finding it tougher to get the bike in and out of gear, so sold it to us.

Other than giving the Ninja a good clean we’ve not done much else with it. The thought of ripping the engine to bits to look for the problem doesn’t really appeal, from past experiences they either never go back together, or when they do they’re never right anyway!

Imagine our delight to see an engine advertised on the internet, even better it wasn’t too far away.

After a few messages a deal was sealed, this even included the seller offering to deliver it.

A few weeks passed by before the ‘new’ engine landed with us.

Seventy quid is all it set us back. The engine is complete and came from a running bike, the starter motor was held back by the seller, not a problem we’ll use the one from our bike.


The only downer is the exhaust studs are going to need replacing, a few are missing and those that are left have all been cut down, probably thanks to rusted on nuts holding the exhaust on.

For £70 we can’t grumble with our purchase.

We gave it a quick clean with some XCP Professional parts cleaner and an old t shirt.


The engine is now sat awaiting our attention, next step will be to get the engine out of the bike, then the fun can begin.

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