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From the Mad4Bikes Shed.

The Kawasaki ZX6G that came our way last month hasn’t had too much attention, it’s been a busy few weeks at the coalface and a trip to Milan for the bike show took up further valuable time.

With winter now well and truly taking hold it’s the perfect time to retreat to the Mad4Bikes Shed for some tinkering.

Right, back to the Kawasaki.

The last owner sold the bike because the gearbox was giving him issues, rather than investigate and repair it he simply went and bought another bike. I haven’t had a proper look at what’s actually wrong, but when Facebook shoved a complete used engine under my nose I couldn’t stop myself from buying it!

A few messages resulted in an agreed price of £75, even better the seller said he’d drop it over on his travels, a week or so later he did exactly that!

The engine came from a bike he was breaking for parts, the only downside of the motor is that every exhaust stud will need replacing, that’s the easy bit, getting the stumps of the old studs out first will be more of a challenge.

After a bath in XCP universal parts spray I removed the grime, the good news is the oil filter is pretty new, so hopefully this points to a healthy engine that’s had regular servicing.

Other than no starter motor it’s complete.

It’s always a gamble buying a secondhand engine, so only time will tell if we’ve got a good one.

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