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This weekend we're heading off for a jolly to the Stafford Classic Bike Show

This weekend we’re heading off for a jolly to the Stafford classic bike show.

As shows go its one of the better ones on the yearly list of biking events.

The thing that we enjoy is the auto jumble, who doesn’t love rummaging through old bike parts that are rusty, greasy or sometimes both! Then only to discover that seller wants an eye watering amount for them.

The art of having a haggle lives on at the auto jumble, though these days the fun is often short lived when traders say that’s their best price. I’d get more on Ebay.


Away from the pleasure of the jumble fields there’s all of yesterdays sat inside, think of any bike from the 70s, 80s and 90s and the chances are you’ll find one inside, each one polished and sat there like an animal at the zoo. From FS1-Es to Z1300s they’ll all be inside in the warm.


The people who own these bikes are dead friendly, they are keen to discuss the pleasure and pain of their classic bike ownership.



Here’s a few essentials to take with you if you fancy a Stafford mooch.

Let’s start with the important stuff, food!

Take a packed lunch and some drinks. The pros will have a flask and fancy sandwiches within their multitude of Tupperware tubs, the rookies will have a carrier bag that contains some energy drinks and a tube of Pringles. Try and aim to be somewhere in the middle, avoid heavy items, it’s a long day, and you’ll be carrying it around! 

Money - Sounds an obvious one doesn’t it? With most traders wanting cash for their wares make sure you grab some bucks before going. Besides, have you ever tried to haggle with a Switch card? It’s awkward. Cash is king. 

Pace yourself - There’s so much to see so don’t spend too long jibber jabbering with people on stands, etc. Just when you think you’ve seen it all you’ll find another hall to explore.  

Get there early - Another obvious statement, but take notice. Car parking can create tail backs on the main road to the show ground, it’s not unheard of to be squared wheeled for an hour or so, or you could just go on your bike.

We will be taking our camera, so look out for updates on our Facebook page!

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